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Lumity provides health plan recommendations to save employers and employees time, money, and headache with easy-to-use tools and insights. Employees receive personalized health plan recommendations, forecasts for FSA/HSA contributions, and can track health care expense in real time

Alongside Head of Marketing, created an infographic to help communicate the problem. Click to View.

Alongside Head of Marketing, created an infographic to help communicate the problem. Click to View.


During the first round of user research it was clear that employers want to save money with the assurance that their employees had the right coverage. Having a better understanding of how the recommendations were made was also an important factor. On the right are initial sketches exploring on how to communicate decision making metrics.


From the dashboard, an employer can sync their payroll and send a link to employees to sign up for health insurance through Lumity's for their personalized recommendations. After seeing their company's recommended plan bundle based on their employee population, employers can then view the recommended plan bundle or configure it themselves. Before updating and manage employees employers can also setup their HSA or FSA. 401k and commuter benefits are planned for post-MVP.


There were different users we needed to design for depending on the size of the company. One of the challenges was finding the right dashboard to design that aligned with each users' interests. Above, you can see that the employer dashboard, recommended plans, and HSA contribution optimization went through many round of iteration and feedback.


Employer Dashboard + Plan Recommendation MVP


After creating the first Employer MVP there was a need to create a separate demo to more quickly communicate and sell to the C-level buyer.

EE needs Banner.png

Once an employer adds an employee, an employee receives an email to set up their account. This takes them to the dashboard where they can update their payroll information and add their dependents. If it's during open enrollment there is a link to take them through selecting the right health insurance and enrolling in HSA. In the beginning there is an option to sync their previous years' health claims data to generate a plan recommendation for the individual and or their family. We also provide their the exact recommended amount to put in their HSA based on our forecast.


Above was the initial iteration of Employee onboarding experience. Another challenge was to communicate to employees what Lumity is and does for employees sync their health claims. After usability testing this first time UX, it proved to be confusing and overwhelming when we tried to communicate the value of the product on the right and request to sync health claim data for the best plan recommendation on the right.


In the next iteration of onboarding we simplified our message of approximately how much someone could save while being matched with the right plan. We chose not to display the charts during onboarding since even if they chose to skip the claims syncing process they could view the dashboard directly where even the blank states still communicate the value of a quick personalized plan recommendation and the ability to have a better understanding  of their health care and HSA spending.


Employee Plan Selection


Brand / Identity, Marketing Website

Lumity's data models are certainly powerful and robust. At the same time, the end goal is to help individuals and families find the best health plans for their needs. The approach we wanted to take was one that communicates warmth and reliability. I kept this in mind as I designed the look and feel of the experience from the product to the identity of the company. In the beginning, I held a brainstorm where we came up with the name Lumity. The name was inspired by the founder's idea of shedding light and transparency on a confusing health insurance system.


Style Guide

Colors chosen and characters I designed communicate warmth and support, while the product is overall simple and professional. A vibrant, lively green is used as the primary color throughout the product and website. Above is the style guide I created along with a sample onboarding form. A friendly serif, Fjord was used for the top headers while a minimal Lato was used for the larger bodies of text. As we express reducing health plans costs, numbers are frequently used. I chose Merriweather for the numbers. Merriweather has some beautifully elegant descenders that easily contrast the simplicity of the sans serif which makes differentiating costs easier.


I wore many hats including Research, Product Design, UX, and Visual Design. I created anything that needed to be designed including the website, business cards for the team, and other outbound material. I joined Lumity as the first designer when there was two co-founders and a couple engineers.