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Actigram is a personal assistant for health and chronic conditions. It uniquely reaches out at the right time and motivates to make a change using personalized actions. This was created during the Human API hackathon.



Brandon hasn't exercized for the past couple days. Based on the HumanAPI data there is a drop-off of activity. He's encouraged to take a walk to somewhere he hasn’t been, set an alarm for a morning run, or book a yoga class



Brandon has been getting irregular sleep. Actigram notices that he's been getting less than 5 hours of sleep for the past two nights and surfaces this. Actigram provides some tips on how to get better sleep and suggests to set an alarm an hour and a half before bedtime. 




Actigram knows Brandon's BMI has gone up last week. 30 minutes before lunch, it recommends healthy lunch options near his office. It suggests walking directions and provides an option to order now via GrubHub.




Actigram notices that Brandon’s hearth rate and blood pressure has elevated this week, even in times of sedentary activity. Brandon is under considerable stress this month. Actigram suggests that Brandon chat with his loved ones to relax and provides the option to book an appointment with his doctor via through One Medical application. 



Actigram notices that Brandon has been moving around a lot and his BMI has gone down the past few weeks. Actigram congratulates Brandon and encourages him to reward himself with some of his favorite items on his amazon wishlist